Permanently save custom Gradients

Save Custom Gradients in Adobe Illustrator

While coloring an artwork, we all create custom gradients to fill the color of our choice but do you know that you can save those custom gradients permanently for future use.
If you don’t save them then next time when you will be in need of that color you have to create it again which will consume your valuable time.
Today I am going to teach you how to save your unique gradients.
Let’s begin…
Saving a New Gradient:
First of all, draw something and fill it with custom gradients. Create your own gradient. Do not use the pre-set gradients.
After filling your drawing with a unique gradient that is not already available in the Swatches Panel, select the drawing and click on a folder-like icon in the Swatch Panel. That folder like icon is called New Color Group.
Save Gradients in Adobe Illustrator
When you will click on New Color Group a window will appear. In that window, you can name that color group and you can even select the option of either creating the color group from the swatches used to create that gradient or you can select the color group from the artwork. After making changes accordingly click on OK.
Save Gradients in Adobe Illustrator
After clicking OK you will notice that the color group created is appearing in the Swatches Panel but it is not permanently saved yet. When you will create a new document you will not see that color group there.
Save Gradients in Adobe Illustrator
Now let’s save the new color group permanently. For that, click on the Swatch Libraries Menu. It is at the bottom left corner of the Swatches Panel. After clicking on Swatch Libraries Menu select Save Swatches.
Save Gradients in Adobe Illustrator
After selecting Save Swatches, Save As Window will appear. You can rename the File Name and then Click on Save.
Save Gradients in Adobe Illustrator
Now your custom gradient is saved permanently. To use this gradient in the new document follow the following process-
 Select the shape → Click on Swatch Libraries Menu in Swatches Panel → Click on User Defined →  Select Your Saved Gradient.
This is how you can save a gradient permanently and use it in other artworks.
If you find this tutorial useful then share it with others and write in the comment section.

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