3D Tumbler in Adobe Illustrator

3D Tumbler in Adobe Illustrator

3D effect is the best effect of Adobe Illustrator. With the help of this effect you can create many unique artworks. You have learned to create 3D bowl, 3D striped effect and 3D doughnut in previous tutorials.

Today, we will create a 3D tumbler in Adobe Illustratorwith the help of 3D effect in just few simple steps.

3D Tumbler in Adobe Illustrator
Step 1

Create a new documentand select the Pen Tool from the Tool Panel. Select No Fill in the Fill section and choose a color for the Strokes. The color of the strokes will be the color of your 3D tumbler.

Now draw a straight vertical line and from the end anchor point of the straight line draw a small horizontal line towards left.

Now select paths drawn and then select the Pencil Tool and draw a small circle like shape at the top right side of the vertical path.

Now select the paths and rotate the whole shape to 350o angle.

Step 2

Now we will create the 3D Tumbler with the help of 3D effect.

Select the paths created and click on Effect in the Menu Bar and then place the cursor on 3D and select Revolve.

Effect > 3D > Revolve

After selecting Revolve, a 3D Revolve Option box will appear. In that dialogue box the first thing you have to do is to put a check-mark on Preview. The shape will be changed into a 3D Tumbler.

Now if you want to change the angles of your 3D Tumblerthan manually move the 3D square shape in the 3D Revolve Option dialogue box.

In just 2 simple steps you have created 3D Tumbler in Adobe Illustrator.
If you want you can add more art to your 3D Tumbler. For that, click on Map Art in the 3D Revolve Option dialogue box.

When you will select Map Art a new dialogue box will appear. In that dialogue box you can add an art on the surface of your 3D Tumblerby clicking on Symbol and selecting the art from there. (See in the below image).

After making all the required changes click OK.

If you liked this 3D tumbler creation in Adobe Illustratorthen write your views in the comment section and share this tutorial with others.

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