How to make 3D Bowl in Adobe Illustrator?

Create a Bowl with the help of 3D effect in Adobe Illustrator

In today’s adobe illustrator tutorial, we will not draw a bowl rather we will create a 3D Bowl. You might be thinking what is so new in creating a bowl and why not just simply draw a bowl. Drawing a bowl in illustrator means use of many tools which will consume your time and you might end up with a not so perfect shape.

Creating a bowl in Adobe Illustrator with the help of 3D effectwill hardly take a minute. I am sure you are going to love this method and will definitely switch-over it, instead of drawing.

3D Bowl in Adobe Illustrator
Step 1

To create a bowl you have to first create a new document. Now select the Pen Tool and draw a small curve shape. You can see in the below image.

You can see in the above image that the shape drawn is not filled with any color only the stroke color is filled. Fill the stroke color with the color which you want to give to your bowl.

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Step 2

Now we will use the 3D effect to create a bowl.

Select the shape you have drawn and click on Effect in the Menu Bar. Now place the cursor on 3Dand select Revolve.

Effect > 3D > Revolve

When you will select Revolve, 3D Revolve Options box will appear. The first thing to do is to check mark Preview.

Step 3

At first your shape will look like a flat circle but we have to create a bowl so we will revolve the shape. You will see a 3D square in the 3D Revolve Options Box. Revolve that 3D square manually to create your bowl or you can enter values of different angles. I would prefer to revolve the 3D square manually.

Revolve the shape and place it in the manner that the edges can be seen in the front. (See the below image).

After revolving the shape click OK.

Step 4

Now we will give a final touch to our bowl.

Select the 3D shape created and you will see that the curved shape which you have drawn at first will get selected. Now rotate that shape to 45 degree and your bowl will be created.

So this is the method by which you can create a bowl in a minute. You can change color of the bowl by changing the color of the Stroke. Draw some foodie items in the bowl to show your creativity.

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