Shadow Effect in Adobe Illustrator

Shadow Effect in Text in Adobe Illustrator

In previous illustrator tutorial you have seen how reflection effect is created in text and today you will learn to create Shadow Effect in Text in Adobe Illustrator.

Both the above mentioned effects are similar but there is a slight difference in the use of tools.
In reflection effect we had used gradient tool to create this effect but in shadow effect gradient tool is not required to create the effect.

Let’s see how the Shadow Effect in Text is created in Adobe Illustrator.

Step 1

Create a new document and select the Type Tool from the Tool Panel or Hit the shortcut key T.
Left click on the artboard to activate the type box. After activating the type box, type your text. Choose a font style of your own choice.

Shadow Effect in Text in Adobe Illustrator

Step 2

Select the text with the help of Selection Tool. The shortcut key for the selection tool is V. Click on Edit in the Menu Bar and select Copy. Again click on Editand select Paste in Back. Now move on to the Layer Panel and select the text pasted at back and change the color of the text. The color must be a lighter shade of the color of the original text.

Shadow Effect in Text in Adobe Illustrator

Step 3

Select the text with the lighter shade and click on Flip along Vertical Axis. You will find this option in Transform Panelunder Properties Panel. Drag the flipped text just below the original text to create the effect of a shadow.

Shadow Effect in Text in Adobe Illustrator

Your Shadow Effect in the Text is created with just 3 simple steps. If you want you can even slightly rotate the text.

You can use this text effect while creating a banner or a flex or in any other artwork.

Now practice this effect with other shades of colors and share the tutorial with others.

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