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Gold Text Effect in Photoshop

Photoshop Gold Text Effect

Today’s Photoshop Tutorial will teach how to create Gold Text Effect. This cool text effect in Photoshop is easy to create with the help of few simple Layer Styles. A layer style is an effect applied to the layer. While creating Gold Text Effect in Photoshop, we will use Gradient Overlay, Bevel and Emboss, Inner Glow, and few other layer styles. We will also use the Type Tool and Brush Tool.

Gold Text Effect in Photoshop

Begin with the free online Photoshop tutorial by following the below step-by-step process:

Step 1

Launch Adobe Photoshop and create a new document. In the Preset Details, name the document as Gold Text Effect and select Black as the Background Contents.

Create New Document
Create a new document
Step 2

Select the Type Tool from the Tool Panel and type the text on the artboard. Be wise while choosing the font style and also increase the font size. Select White color as the Fill color for the text.

Select Type Tool and type the text

Now select the Move Tool and place the text at the center of the artboard.

Place the text at the center
Step 3

Press Ctrl + J to create a copy of the text layer (GOLD). By default, the new copied layer will be named GOLD copy.

Create a copy of the Gold text layer

Now we will apply Gradient Overlay Layer Effect to the top layer (GOLD copy). Click on the fx icon (the Layer Style icon) and select Gradient Overlay.

Click on the Layer Style icon
Select Gradient Overlay

After clicking on the Gradient Overlay, the Layer Style dialogue box will appear in the document area. Click on the Gradient Slider to open the Gradient Editor.

Select Gradient Slider
Open Gradient Editor
Step 4

With the help of Gradient Editor, we will create a Gold color Gradient for the text. Double-click on the Left Color Stop to open the Color Picker. In the Color Picker, set the value of R=223, G=210, and B=115.

Create a Gold Gradient

Now double-click on the Right Color Stop and set the values R=160, G=134, B=21 in the Color Picker.

Create Gold Gradient

After creating the Gold Gradient, in the Gradient Overlay options, change the Style from Linear to Reflected.

Change the Gradient Style

The text will appear like this-

Gold Text Effect
Step 5

Now we will apply the Bevel & Emboss effect to the GOLD copy layer (Top Layer). In the Layer Style dialogue box, there are other effects listed on the left side. Click on the Bevel & Emboss from the options list.

Select Bevel & Emboss

In the Bevel & Emboss effect, under the Structure section set Style to Inner Bevel and Technique to Chisel Hard. Then increase the Depth value to add more contrast and enhance the lighting of the text. I have set the Depth value to 200%. Also, increase the Size value to make the text look more solid. I have set the Size value to 45px.

Set Values in Bevel & Emboss

Under the Shading section, select Ring-Double as Gloss Contour and put a check-mark on Anti-aliased. Then set the Angle to 1250 and the Opacity of Highlight Mode and Shadow Mode to 75%.

Select Ring Double as Gloss Contour

After applying the Bevel & Emboss, the text will appear like this-

Gold Text Effect
Step 6

Now we will apply Inner Shadow to the text. Select Inner Shadow from the Styles option list in the Layer Style dialogue box.

Select Inner Glow

In the Inner Shadow Effect Option, double-click on the color box to set the Color of the Shadow. Set the color to R=216, G=108, and B=8. Then set the Blending Mode to Multiply and increase the Opacity. I have also increased the Size of the Shadow. Click OK to apply the effect.

Apply Inner Glow Effect
Gold Text Effect in Photoshop
Step 7

Now select the original text layer (GOLD layer) and add Stroke to the text. Click on fx icon in the Layers Panel and select Stroke.

Click on Layer Style icon
Select Stroke

Select Fill Type as Gradient and click on Gradient swatch to open the Gradient Editor. In the Gradient Editor, create a Gold Gradient as created in Step 4. Also, set the Style to Reflected.

Under Structure section, set the Size of the stroke. I have set the Size to 3px and Position to Outside.

Gold Text Effect in Photoshop
Gold Text Effect
Apply Stroke effect
Step 8

Next, we will apply the Bevel & Emboss effect. Click on the Bevel & Emboss in the Layer Style dialogue box. Then put a checkmark on the Contour. The Contour Effect will help in enhancing the lighting around the stroke.

In the Bevel & Emboss effect, under the Structure section, set Style to Stroke Emboss and reduce the Size. Rest all of the settings in the Bevel and Emboss effect will be similar to the Bevel & Emboss effect applied in Step 5

Apply Bevel and Emboss
Gold Text Effect
Step 9

Next, we will apply the Outer Glow effect. Click on the Outer Glow in the Layer Style dialogue box. In the Structure section, set the Color of Glow to R=232, G=128, and B=31. Then reduce the Opacity of the Outer Glow.

In the Elements section, reduce the Size of Glow. I have set the size to 10px.

Apply Outer Glow
Gold Text Effect
Step 10

Select the Gold copy layer (Top Layer) and click on Create a New Layer icon in the Layers Panel. This will create a new layer at the top in the Layer Panel and you can also give a name to the layer.

Click on Create a new layer
Create a new layer

Now select the Brush Tool from the Tool Panel and select Starburst-small brush. This brush is available under Assorted Brushes set.

Open the Brush Preset Picker and click on the small settings icon at the top-right corner. A menu list will appear. From that list select Assorted Brushes and a dialogue box will appear. You can either select Append or OK. The Append will add those brushes to the existing brushes. Then select the Starburst-small brush. You can also set the size of the brush.

Open Assorted Brushes

After selecting the brush, set the Foreground color to R=255, G=191, and B=125. Now click on the letter to add sparkling shine to the text.

Gold Text Effect

So, this is how you can create a Gold Text Effect in Photoshop. You may find the process long but at the same time the process to create the Gold Text Effect is easy and simple. You have to smartly apply few Layer Styles to the Text Layer and you are done with the Gold Text Effect.

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