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Match Colors in Photoshop

How to Match Colors between Layers in Photoshop?

The photo manipulation looks real only when the colors and tones of different photos match perfectly with each other. In this free online Photoshop Tutorial, you will learn to Match Colors between Layers in Photoshop.

You had learned to remove background from an image and change the background in previous tutorials. Now you will learn how you can match the colors of the image from which background has been removed and the edited image has been placed on a new background image.

Let’s begin with Match Colors in Photoshop tutorial-

Step 1

Firstly select two images; an image containing the foreground image (No Background Image) and a background image.

Foreground Image
Background Image

Step 2

Now move the foreground image and place it on the background image. The images will look like this-

Place foreground image on background image to match colors

Step 3

Select the above layer (foreground image layer) and click on Image in the Menu Bar. Then place the cursor on Adjustments and select Match Color.

Image > Adjustments > Match Color

Select Match Color

Step 4

In the Match Color dialogue box, select the current document as the Source and the background as Layer. We have selected the current document as Source and background as a Layer because we want to match colors with it.

Select Source and Layer in Match Color Dialogue Box

Step 5

Now set the Fade Slider to make the foreground image look balanced with the background image.

Set the Fade Slider in Match Color

Step 6

Now adjust the Luminance Slider to match the brightness of the background layer and also set the Color Intensity Slider.

set Luminance and Color Intensity

After making all the required adjustments click OK.

Match Color in Photoshop

Step 7

Now we will add some shadow to the boy’s image to make it look more real.

Create a duplicate copy of the top layer and arrange it below the top layer. Now hide the top layer by clicking on the eye icon and then fill the duplicate layer with black. (Alt + Shift + Backspace)

Create duplicate layer

Step 8

Again click on the top layer to enable the visibility of the original layer. Now make sure that the duplicate layer is selected and then select the Move Tool from the Tool Bar.

After selecting the Move Tool, I will press the down-arrow key for few times to create a shadow below the shoes.

select move tool

Step 9

Now we will apply Gaussian Blur Filter for the perfect shadow effect.

Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur

Select Gaussian Blur

Set the Radius of Gaussian Blur and then click Ok.

Set Radius

So this is how you can perfectly Match Color in Photoshop between different Layers.

Match Color in Photoshop

Practice this Photoshop Tutorial and share your views in the comment section. Also, share this tutorial with others.


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