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Remove Background in Photoshop

How to Remove Background in Photoshop?

Removing a background from an image seems to be a tricky task for Photoshop Beginners. Many different tools and techniques are available in Photoshop to remove background from an image.

Here, we will use some of those tools and techniques for removing the background in Photoshop.

So, go through this Photoshop Tutorial to learn to remove background using Background Eraser Tool and Layer Mask.

Remove Background using Background Eraser Tool

Step 1

Select and place the image from which you want to remove the background. Then select the Magic Wand Tool from the Tool Bar.

Select Magic Wand Tool

Step 2

After selecting the Magic Wand Tool, click on the background area to make a selection. The area in the background with similar color and contrast will get selected in one click. So you have to click on the remaining area also to add it to the selection.

Make Selection

Step 3

Now select the Background Eraser Tool from the Tool Bar and then adjust the size of the brush from the Option Bar.

Select Background Eraser Tool
Set the Brush Size

Step 4

Now drag the background eraser cursor back and forth over the image to remove the background. Only the area which is inside the selection will get erased. The Background Eraser Tool will not erase the object which is outside the marching ants (selected area).

This is how you can easily Remove Background in Photoshop using the Background Eraser Tool. Now let’s see how you can remove a background using the Layer Mask.

Remove Background using Layer Mask

Step 1

Make a rough selection of the object with the help of any selection tool and then click on Select and Mask from the Option Bar.

Make Selection

Step 2

In the Select and Mask Option Window, you can select the View Mode and refine the selection with the help of various tools.

Refine Edges

Step 3

After refining the selection, click on Add Layer Mask icon in the Layers Panel.

Select Add Layer Mask

When you will click on Add Layer Mask icon, the area outside the marching ants will disappear.

Remove Background

These are the two simple and easy alternative ways of Removing the Background from an Image in Photoshop.

Now practice this basic Photoshop Tutorial and share your views in the comment section.

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