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Create Floral Typography Text Effect in Photoshop

Typography Text Effect in Photoshop

Typography is the art of arranging type/text. The text or letters are arranged in such a manner that they become visually appealing. At the same time, text, letters, or words are legible. The floral Typography text effect is a design that combines type with nice floral elements. This is a cool text effect where type is intertwined through flowers.

In this free Photoshop Tutorial, we will create a Floral Typography Text Effect by layering the floral image and text. You will require a floral bouquet or flower petals image to create this text effect in Photoshop.

Select a nice floral image for this text effect in Photoshop tutorial and follow the below-mentioned steps-

Step 1

Launch Adobe Photoshop and open the selected image as new document.

Open image in Photoshop

Step 2

Now select the Rectangle Tool from the Tool Panel and draw a rectangle on the image. Turn off the Fill color for the rectangle and select a white color for Stroke. Also, increase the stroke width.

Select Rectangle Tool and draw a rectangle

Step 3

In this step, we will create a Layer Mask for the rectangle. Let the rectangle shape layer be selected and click on the Add Layer Mask icon, in the Layers Panel.

Select Add Layer Mask icon
Create Layer Mask

After creating the Layer Mask, reduce the opacity of the rectangle so that the background is visible.

Reduce the Opacity

Step 4

Now select the Brush Tool from the Tool Panel and black as the Foreground Color. The Black color in the Layer Mask will hide the rectangle’s parts and reveal the background. Move the brush on the rectangle’s part where you want to reveal the background.

Select Brush Tool
Reveal the flower petals using layer mask

Step 5

We will apply Drop Shadow Effect to the rectangular border.

Let the Layer Mask be selected and click on Add a Layer Style icon in the Layers Panel. Then select Drop Shadow from the effect option list. A dialogue box will appear. In that dialogue box, make necessary alterations in the settings and apply the effect.

Select Add a Layer Style icon
Select Drop Shadow
Apply Drop Shadow effect
Floral Typography Text Effect

Step 6

Select the Type Tool from the Tool Panel and type a letter or a word. Place the text on the floral image. Then make a Layer Mask to intertwine the text with the floral background and apply the Drop Shadow effect layer style (As done in Steps 3,4, and 5).

Floral Typography Text Effect

This is how you can create Floral Typography Text Effect in Photoshop using a floral background image, Layer Mask, and Drop Shadow Effect. This Photoshop text effect is very easy to create and also very appealing.

Practice this Photoshop Text Effect Tutorial and create you own unique typography text effect.

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