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Resize an Image in Adobe Photoshop

How to resize an image in Photoshop?

In this basic Photoshop Tutorial for beginners, you will learn to Resize an Image in Photoshop. You will learn alternative ways, in today’s Photoshop Tutorial, to resize an image in Photoshop as it is one of the most commonly used skills.

Let’s select an image for the tutorial and open it in Photoshop.

Original Image

1. Resize an Image with Image Size command

The Image Size command in Photoshop displays the original size of the image and also allows changing it. You can either enlarge the image or downsize it. Let’s see in the below steps how you can resize an image with the help of Image Size command.

Step 1

Open the original image in a new Photoshop document and then click on Image in the Menu Bar. Now select Image Size and a dialogue box will appear.

Image Size Command
Image Size dialogue box

Step 2

In the Image Size dialogue box, you can see the original size and dimensions of the image at the top.

Current Dimensions of the Image

Step 3

Make sure the chain icon, connecting the Width and Height, is selected to maintain the proportions of the image. You can also select the measurement unit of the image from the drop-down menu. (See the below image)

Connect Width and Height

Step 4

After connecting Width and Height and selecting the measurement unit, you can change the dimensions of the image by changing the Width and Height. You can also set the resolution of the image and put a checkmark on Resample.

The Resample Image option is used when we are adding more pixels to our image so that the pixels get adjust proportionately. If you are want to change the image size or resolution without changing the total number of pixels then you have to deselect Resample.

In the below image you can see that I have changed the dimensions from 1080 px X 676 px to 800 px X 501 px.

Change Dimensions to Resize the image

After making the required changes click OK.

So, this is how you can Resize an Image with the help of Image Size Command in Photoshop.

2. Resize an Image using the Crop Tool

With the help of the Crop Tool, you can remove a certain area of the image that you no longer wish to display. This tool will help you in resizing an image by reducing the area to be viewed in the image.

To Resize an Image using the Crop Tool, follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1

Open the image you want to edit and select the Crop Tool from the Tool Bar.

Select the Crop Tool

Step 2

After selecting the Crop Tool, you will see crop borders around the edges of the image. Now you can drag the crop handles to resize the crop box. Only the portion that is inside the crop box will be displayed.

Resize the Crop Box

Step 3

After resizing the crop box, put a checkmark on Delete Cropped Pixels and then click on the Tick-Mark icon in the Options Bar to save the changes.

Save the changes to resize the image
Resize Image using Crop Tool

So this is how you can Resize an Image with the help of Crop Tool.

You have learned two different ways of Resizing an Image in Photoshop; i.e.; by using Image Size Command and by using Crop Tool. You can also Resize Layer in Photoshop that you will learn in the next Photoshop tutorials.

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