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Create Radial Bar Chart | Graph in Adobe Illustrator

Radial Bar Chart | Graph in Adobe Illustrator

Previously, you have learned to create a Line Graph in Adobe Illustrator and today, you will get to know about how to create a Radial Bar Chart in Adobe Illustrator.
Radial Bar Chart | Graph in Adobe Illustrator

Launch Adobe Illustrator and create a new document. Now follow the step by step:

Step 1
Click on the Graph Tool in the Tool Bar and select Pie Graph Tool.

After selecting the Pie Graph Tool, click on the artboard and draw the Pie Graph.

Step 2
Now enter the values in the Graph Data Panel and click on Apply.

Similarly, create 3 more Pie Graph with different values in each graph.

Step 3
Now select all the graphs and turn off the Stroke Color.
Step 4
Now drag and put all the graphs aside. Then click on Line Segment Tool and select Polar Grid Tool.

Double click on the artboard to open Polar Grid Tool Options dialogue box. The size of the Polar Grid will be same as the size of the Pie Graph.
I have created Pie Graphs of size 400 pt X 400 pt and same will be the size of the Polar Grid.

After making required changes click OK.

Step 5
Now select the Polar Grid and give it a Stroke color.

Let the Polar Grid be selected and open the Strokes Panel to increase the Stroke Width.

Step 6
After increasing the Stroke Width, again select the Polar Grid and click on Object in the Menu Bar. Place the cursor on Path and select Outline Stroke.

Now Ungroup the selection.

Step 7
Select Group Selection Tool from the Tool Panel by right clicks on Direction Selection Tool.With the help of this tool we will select the parts of the Pie Graph and change their color.
Step 8
With the help of the Selection Tool, select a Pie Graph and place it below the Polar Grid.

With the help of Selection Tool and Shift key, select the Pie Graph and the outer ring of the Polar Grid.
Then press Ctrl + 7 to make a Clipping Mask.

Similarly make Clipping Mask of remaining Pie Graphs.

This is how you can create Radial Bar Chart | Graph in Adobe Illustrator.
You can add more in this Radial Bar Graph by creating a background and labeling the graph with values.

Practice this tutorial and share your views in the comment section. Also, share this tutorial with others.

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