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Mandala in Adobe Illustrator

Mandala in Adobe Illustrator

The tutorial begins by introducing the concept of mandalas and their significance as spiritual and artistic symbols. We then dive into the process of creating mandalas from scratch using Illustrator’s tools and functions. By utilizing the Pen Tool, Shape Builder, and Transform options, we can effortlessly construct intricate geometric patterns that form the foundation of our mandala design.

To bring our mandala to life, the tutorial covers techniques for adding symmetry and balance. Illustrator’s powerful mirroring options and duplication tools allow us to create perfectly symmetrical elements, ensuring a harmonious and visually pleasing mandala. By combining shapes, rotating, scaling, and aligning them, we can create intricate and mesmerizing patterns that radiate from the center of our design.

Furthermore, the tutorial explores methods for adding intricate details and embellishments to our mandala. By utilizing Illustrator’s brushes, patterns, and symbols, we can adorn our design with ornate motifs and textures. These details contribute to the richness and complexity of the mandala, making it visually captivating and unique.

The tutorial provides insights on incorporating color into our mandala design. By utilizing Illustrator’s swatches, gradients, and color blending options, we can create vibrant and harmonious color schemes that enhance the visual impact of our mandala. Moreover, the tutorial explores techniques for applying shading and highlights to add depth and dimension to our design.

To refine our mandala, the tutorial covers methods for cleaning up and organizing the artwork. By utilizing Illustrator’s selection tools, layers, and grouping options, we can easily manage and modify the individual elements of our mandala, ensuring a polished and professional result.

Today we will be drawing a Mandala in Adobe Illustrator with the help of Shape Tools and Transform Effect. Mandala reflects balance and perfection and our artwork will also reflect the same.
Drawing a Mandala in Adobe Illustrator
We will start the tutorial by launching Adobe Illustrator first and then creating a new document with RGB color mode.

Step 1

Select the Rectangle Tool and draw a rectangle of the size the same as the artboard. We are drawing the rectangle to create a background. Now fill the rectangle with a bright gradient with the help of the Gradient Tool.

Create a Gradient Background for Mandala Drawing

Now select the rectangle and press Ctrl + 2 to lock the selection.

Step 2

Select the Ellipse Tool and fill the stroke with white color. Now draw a circle in the center of size 20 pt.
After drawing the circle, with the help of the Pen Tool, draw the shape as shown in the below image.

Draw a small circle and a shape as mid point of the Mandala

Select and copy the shape created and paste it in the opposite direction.
Copy and Paste the shape in opposite direction
Select both the shapes and click on Object in the Menu Bar. Place the cursor on Transform and select Rotate.

Select Rotate

After selecting Rotate, a Rotate dialogue box will appear on the artboard. In the Rotate dialogue box, set the angle to 20o. Then check the Preview and click on OK.

Set the angle of rotation
In a similar way, create more copies till the artwork shown in the below image is formed.
Press Ctrl + D and the shapes will be rotated.

Drawing a Mandala in Adobe Illustrator

I have deleted the inner circle and filled the shapes with white color.

Step 3

Select the Rectangle Tool and draw a small size rectangle above the shape.
Repeat the same steps which we had used in rotating the first shape in step 2.

Draw new shape for Mandala

In mandala drawing, we will keep on drawing new layers of different shapes and will rotate them in circular form with the help of the Transform Effect.
Now draw more layers of shapes to complete your Mandala art and your Mandala is created in Adobe Illustrator. You can also draw different shapes with the help of the Pen Tool and rotate them in circular form.
The most important thing which is needed to learn, while making Mandala in Adobe Illustrator, is the correct use of the Rotate Effect.

Mandala Drawing in Adobe Illustrator

Now create your own Mandala in Adobe Illustrator and share your views in the comment section.
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