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Easily Outline Text in Photoshop

How to Outline Text in Photoshop?

In this text effect tutorial, you will learn to Outline Text in Photoshop. We will Outline the Text using Layer Styles. This is the easiest way to Outline the text in Photoshop. This effect is the easiest way to make your text stand out using Photoshop. You can use this Photoshop text effect while design posters, flyers, etc.

Outline Text in Photoshop

We will use the Horizontal Type Tool and Stroke Layer Style to create this text effect.

Now follow the below-mentioned step-by-step process to create an Outline Text in Photoshop.

Step 1

Launch Adobe Photoshop and prepare your canvas. You can either use an image as an background or a solid color background.

Prepare your canvas

Step 2

Select the Horizontal Type Tool and type your text.

Type the text using Horizontal Type Tool

Step 3

Select the text layer and go to Layer > Layer Style > Stroke.

Select Stroke Layer Style

In the Stroke Layer Style, set the size of the stroke. Then set the Position of Stroke to Outside. You can choose the Color of the Stroke with the help of the Color Picker. Click on the Color Swatch and the Color Picker window will appear. Then choose a color for the stroke and click OK.

After making required changes in the Stroke Layer Style window, check the Preview and click OK.

Apply Stroke Layer Style
Outline Text in Photoshop

Step 4

Now reduce the Fill percentage of the selected Text Layer to 0%.

Reduce the Fill Percentage
Outline Text in Photoshop

So these are the quick and easy steps to Outline Text in Photoshop. Now create your own text effect in Photoshop and share them at

Outline Text in Photoshop

Practice this Photoshop Tutorial and share your views in the comment section.

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