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3D Cube in Adobe Illustrator

3D Cube in Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator provides a powerful platform to bring your 3D cube visions to life. With its robust set of tools and features, you can easily construct, manipulate, and customize 3D cubes with precision and artistic flair.

The 3D cube is a versatile and visually engaging element that can add depth, dimension, and a sense of solidity to your designs. Whether you want to create futuristic illustrations, architectural renderings, or eye-catching logos, incorporating 3D cubes can enhance the visual impact of your artwork.

In Illustrator, you can employ various techniques to construct 3D cubes. By combining basic shapes, utilizing transformation tools, and applying gradients, shadows, and highlights, you can achieve realistic and visually compelling results.

Exploring the creative potential of 3D cube design in Illustrator opens up a world of artistic expression. You can experiment with different perspectives, textures, and lighting effects to create unique and captivating compositions. Whether you’re aiming for a sleek and modern aesthetic or a playful and whimsical design, Illustrator’s extensive toolset empowers you to achieve your desired look.

Tutorials, online resources, and design communities dedicated to 3D cube design in Illustrator offer a wealth of inspiration and knowledge. They provide valuable insights, tips, and tricks to help you master the art of creating stunning 3D cube designs.

3D cubes in Adobe Illustrator offer limitless opportunities to unleash your creativity. By leveraging the software’s robust tools and features, you can construct, customize, and bring to life captivating 3D cube designs. Whether you’re exploring architectural concepts, illustrating futuristic landscapes, or designing attention-grabbing logos, the 3D cube is a powerful design element that can elevate your artwork. So, dive into the world of 3D cube design, experiment with techniques and effects, and let your imagination soar. Your designs will captivate viewers and leave a lasting impression.

In this Adobe Illustrator tutorial, we will use the Polygon Tool, Pen Tool, and Shape Builder Tool to draw a 3D Cube.  We will fill the shapes with lighter to darker shades to create a 3D effect. Therefore, we will learn how to draw a 3D Cube in Adobe Illustrator without the help of the 3D Effect.

3D Cube in Adobe Illustrator

For 3D cube drawing, launch Adobe Illustrator and create a new document. Now follow these easy to draw steps:

Step 1

Select the Polygon Tool from the Tool Panel by right-clicking on the Rectangle Tool. Now draw a polygon of 6 sides on the artboard.

3D Cube in Adobe Illustrator

Step 2

Now select the polygon drawn and click on Object in the Menu Bar. Place the cursor on Path and select the Offset Path.

offset path

Now make an Offset Path of -80 pt.

Offset Path 80 pt

Step 3

Now select the Pen Tool and draw lines to connect the corners of both the polygons. We want to draw a 3D cube so make sure to join only those corners which will form the shape of a cube. (See the image below)

3D Cube in Adobe Illustrator

Step 4

Now mark the midpoint of the small polygon and draw lines from the midpoint to the corners to form a cube shape. (See the image below)

mid point of polygon

Step 5

Press Ctrl + 2 to select all the lines and polygons and then select the Shape Builder Tool from the Tool Panel.

Now click inside the shapes to create individual shape layers which will the three sides of your 3D cube.

shape builder tool

Similarly, click on other sides of the 3D cube.

sides of cube

In the end, you will have these 6 shapes as shown in the above image.

Step 6

Your 3D cube is incomplete without color. So let’s begin with coloring the 3D cube.

To create a nice 3D Effect, we will fill the sides of the cube with a light tone, mid-tone, and dark tone.

3d effect in cube

3D Cube

So this is how to make a 3D cube.

If you find this step by step designing process easy then do practice this illustration tutorial and share your views in the comment section.

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