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3D letter in Adobe Illustrator

3D letter in Adobe Illustrator

In the previous few tutorials, you had learned to create 3D Typography with the help of Blend Tool but in today’s tutorial we will create 3D letters without the use of Blend Tool.
The 3D letter will be created with the help of Type Tool and Shape BuilderTool.
3D letter in Adobe Illustrator
Let’s begin with the tutorial. Firstly, launch Adobe Illustrator and create a new document.  Now follow the below steps-
Step 1
Select the Type Tool and click on the artboard. Now type the letter M.
The font size is 320pt and the font type is Microsoft Sans Serif.
We will make the letter editable and for that, we will click on Create Outlines Button in the Properties Panel.
Step 2
Select the letter M and with the help of Alt Key create a duplicate copy of the letter and place it as shown in the below image.
To differentiate both the letters I have changed their fill color.
Select both the letters and press Ctrl + Y to activate the Outline Mode.
The Outline Mode will provide a proper view and will help in combining the shapes with the help of the Shape Builder Tool.
But before that we will divide the shapes. Select the letters and go the Pathfinder Panel and select Divide.
After dividing the shapes, Ungroup them.
Step 3
Let all the shapes be selected and click on Shape Builder Tool in the Tool Panel.
With the help of Shape Builder Tool add the shapes as shown in the below images-
Step 4

Again press Ctrl + Y to deactivate the Outline Mode.

Now select the individual shapes and fill them with colors.
The shapes filled with black color will be filled with color code #be1e2d and the shapes filled with grey color will be filled by color code # 8f1622.
The stroke color will be white.

This is how you can create 3D letter in Adobe Illustrator without Blend Tool or 3D effect.
Practice this 3D Illustrator tutorial and share your views in the comment section. Also, share this tutorial with others.


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