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How to make 3D Bowl in Adobe Illustrator?

Create a Bowl with the help of 3D effect in Adobe Illustrator

Incorporating 3D bowl effects in your designs can bring a sense of realism and visual interest. Adobe Illustrator offers powerful tools and features to help you create stunning 3D bowl shapes with ease. By leveraging the software’s capabilities, you can manipulate anchor points, adjust gradients, and apply shading effects to achieve lifelike 3D representations of bowls.

Creating 3D bowls in Illustrator allows you to explore various design possibilities. Whether you’re working on product packaging, illustrations, or digital artwork, adding a 3D bowl effect can give your designs a dynamic and eye-catching appeal.

Adobe Illustrator provides a user-friendly interface and a wide range of tools to facilitate the creation of 3D bowls. By manipulating shapes, gradients, and lighting effects, you can bring depth and realism to your designs. The software’s versatility allows you to experiment with different materials, textures, and lighting conditions, resulting in visually captivating 3D bowl effects.

Numerous tutorials, resources, and design communities are available to help you master the art of creating 3D bowls in Illustrator. These valuable learning materials provide inspiration, techniques, and tips to enhance your skills and unlock your creative potential.

Incorporating 3D bowl effects in your designs using Adobe Illustrator can add depth, realism, and visual impact. Whether you’re a professional designer, illustrator, or someone passionate about creating visually stunning graphics, mastering the art of creating 3D bowls opens up exciting design possibilities. So, delve into the world of 3D bowls in Illustrator, experiment with shapes, gradients, and lighting, and unleash your creativity. The results will captivate viewers and leave a lasting impression.

In today’s adobe illustrator tutorial, we will not draw a bowl rather we will create a 3D Bowl. You might be thinking about what is so new in creating a bowl and why not just simply drawing a bowl.
Drawing a bowl in illustrator means the use of many tools, which will consume your time, and you might end up with a not-so-perfect shape.
Creating a bowl in Adobe Illustrator with the help of 3D effects will hardly take a minute. I am sure you are going to love this method and will definitely switch-over it, instead of drawing.
3D Bowl in Adobe Illustrator

Step 1

To create a bowl, you have to first create a new document. Now select the Pen Tool and draw a small curve shape. You can see this in the below image.
In the above image, the shape drawn has no Fill color.
You can change the stroke color with the color of your choice.

Step 2

In this step, we will use the 3D effect to create a bowl.
Select the shape drawn in the above step. Then click on Effect in the Menu Bar. Place the cursor on 3D and select Revolve.
Effect > 3D > Revolve
When you will select Revolve, the 3D Revolve Options dialogue box will appear. Put a checkmark on Preview.

Step 3

At first, your shape will look like a flat circle. But, we have to create a bowl so we will revolve the shape.
You will see a 3D square in the 3D Revolve Options Box. Revolve that 3D square manually to create your bow,l or you can enter values for different angles. I would prefer to revolve the 3D square manually.
Revolve the shape in a manner that the edges can be seen in the front. (See the below image).
After revolving the shape, click OK.

Step 4

Now we will give a final touch to our bowl.
Select the 3D shape created, and you will see that the curved shape, which you have drawn at first, will get selected. Now rotate that shape to 45 degrees and your bowl will be created.
So this is the method by which you can create a bowl in a minute. You can change the color of the bowl by changing the color of the Stroke.
Draw some foodie items in the bowl to show your creativity.

Now practice this tutorial and write your views in the comment section. Also, share this tutorial with others.


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