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3D Text in Adobe Illustrator

3D Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator

In today’s Adobe Illustrator tutorial, I will show how you can make 3D Text in Adobe Illustrator without using the 3D effect tool.
Vector graphics are not restricted to 2 dimensions. They can be 3 dimensions also and you will learn to create a 3 dimensions text effect in today’s tutorial. This effect will be created with the help of the Blend Tool instead of the 3D Effect Option.
Go through the below easy to draw steps for making  3D Text in Adobe Illustrator
3D Text in Adobe Illustrator

Step 1

Open Adobe Illustrator and create a new document. Select the Type Tool from the Tool Panel and type the text. Choose the correct Font Style and Font Size for your text.

3D Text in Adobe Illustrator

Step 2

Select the text and press Ctrl + C to copy the text. Then click on Edit in the Menu Bar and select Paste in Back. This will paste the copied text at the back of the original text.
3D Text in Adobe Illustrator

Step 3

Now select both the original text and the copied text, and then click right to open the Options list. From that list, select Create Outlines.
3D Text in Adobe Illustrator
After creating outlines, click on Object in the Menu Bar. Then place the cursor on Blend and select Make.
3D Text in Adobe Illustrator
After blending the text, double-click on the Blend Tool in the Tool Panel and set the Specified Steps accordingly.
3D Text in Adobe Illustrator

Step 4

Now go to the Layer Panel, select the layers and change the font color.
Then again select the original text layer from the blend layer and drag the selected text slightly towards the left. Now reduce the font size to create your 3D Text Effect. (See the below image.)
3D Text in Adobe Illustrator

Practice Time

In just a few simple steps, you can make 3D Text in Illustrator. Now it’s time to practice this 3D Text Effect by choosing your own text, font style, and font type. You can even use gradients to create an effective color effect in the text.
This was a simple tutorial, and it’s easy to learn to make a 3D Text effect with the help of this Illustrator tutorial. So share this tutorial with others and write your views in the comment section.


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