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Wrap Text in Fish Shape in Illustrator

Wrap Text in Fish Shape in Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator offers a versatile set of tools and features that enable designers to create visually captivating artwork. One such feature is text wrap, which allows you to wrap text around shapes or objects, giving your designs a professional and polished look. In this comprehensive tutorial, we will explore the various methods and techniques of utilizing text wrap in Adobe Illustrator.

For more precise control over the text wrap effect, you can also use the Direct Selection Tool to manipulate the anchor points and paths of the shape. By adjusting the shape’s outline, you can influence how the text flows around it. This technique is particularly useful when you want the text to follow specific contours or irregular shapes.

Adobe Illustrator also allows you to wrap text inside shapes. This technique is useful when you want the text to fit within a particular shape, such as a circle or a custom illustration. To achieve this, create the shape as before and then select it. Instead of choosing the “Wrap Around Object Shape” option, select “Make Text Wrap Inside Shape” from the “Text Wrap” dropdown menu.

You can apply text wrap to multiple shapes or objects simultaneously. Simply select all the desired shapes, choose the text wrap style, and the text will wrap around all the selected objects collectively. This technique comes in handy when you want to create complex layouts or designs with text flowing around multiple elements.

Text wrap is a powerful feature in Adobe Illustrator that allows you to create visually appealing designs by seamlessly integrating text with shapes and objects. By following the step-by-step tutorial provided above, you can confidently utilize text wrap in your designs, whether it’s wrapping text around shapes, inside shapes, or around multiple objects. Explore different styles and settings to achieve the desired effect and elevate your designs to new heights using Adobe Illustrator’s text wrap feature.

In Adobe Illustrator, we can wrap text into custom shapes with the help of Text Wrap and Envelope Distort but in today’s tutorial, we will not use these two tools to wrap our text.
We will Wrap Text in Fish Shape with the help of Wrap Effect.
Wrap Text in Fish Shape in Adobe Illustrator
Open Adobe Illustrator and create a new document. Now follow the steps:

Step 1

Select the Type Tool from the Tool Panel and click on the artboard. Now type the word FISH.
Wrap Text in Fish Shape in Adobe Illustrator
The font type is Berlin Sans FB and the font size is 272 pt.
Now we will make the word an editable text by clicking on Create Outlines Button in the Properties Panel.
Wrap Text in Fish Shape in Adobe Illustrator

Step 2

Let the text be selected and click on Effect in the Menu Bar. Now place the cursor on Wrap and select Fish.
Wrap Text in Fish Shape in Adobe Illustrator
Wrap Options dialogue box will appear on the artboard.
Wrap Text in Fish Shape in Adobe Illustrator
In the Wrap Options dialogue box, set the Blend to 43% and the Horizontal Distortion to 24%. Check the Preview and click OK.
Wrap Text in Fish Shape in Adobe Illustrator

Step 3

The text has been wrapped in a fish shape. Now it’s time to show some creativity but before that, we will change the color of the text.
Select the text and fill it with color code #738f7a.
Wrap Text in Fish Shape in Adobe Illustrator
Select the Pen Tool and draw the face of the fish starting from the letter F and draw white strokes on the letter H to give the effect of the tail.
Wrap Text in Fish Shape in Adobe Illustrator
In this way, you can Wrap Text in Fish Shape in Adobe Illustrator.
Now it’s practice time. Create your own fish-shaped typography.
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