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Multiple Strokes in Adobe Illustrator

Multiple Strokes in Adobe Illustrator

In Adobe Illustrator, the Stroke tool is a powerful feature that allows designers to add outlines to shapes, paths, and text. With the Illustrator Stroke Tool, designers can create strokes in a variety of sizes and colors, customize the appearance of the stroke, and even add multiple strokes to a single object. The Stroke Tool in Illustrator is also useful in creating effects such as dashed lines, variable-width strokes, and calligraphic lines.

One interesting use of the Stroke tool is the ability to create strokes inside objects in Illustrator. By using the Inside Stroke option, designers can create a stroke that follows the inner edge of a shape or text. This effect is particularly useful in creating designs that have a subtle, polished look.

The ability to add multiple strokes in Illustrator is another useful feature of the Stroke tool. By stacking multiple strokes on an object, designers can create unique effects and styles. For example, adding a thick stroke and a thin stroke to a shape can create a visually interesting effect that adds depth and dimension to the design.

To create a stroke in Illustrator, designers can use the Stroke panel, which allows them to adjust the stroke width, color, opacity, and other properties. They can also use the Appearance panel to add multiple strokes, create dashed lines, and apply other effects.

In addition to using the Stroke tool in Illustrator, designers can also create strokes in Adobe After Effects. In After Effects, designers can create strokes that follow the path of a shape or text, animate the stroke over time, and apply various effects and styles.

In conclusion, the Stroke tool in Adobe Illustrator is a powerful feature that allows designers to create unique and visually interesting designs. With the ability to add multiple strokes, create strokes inside objects, and customize the appearance of the stroke, the Illustrator Stroke tool offers endless possibilities for creative expression. Whether it’s creating a subtle inside stroke, stacking multiple strokes for a dynamic effect, or animating a stroke in After Effects, designers can use the Stroke tool to enhance their designs and create stunning illustrations that stand out from the crowd.

In Adobe Illustrator, we have always used the fill and stroke tool to add colors to our artwork but do you know you can add Multiple stroke colors to your artwork.
Multiple Strokes in Adobe Illustrator
Today’s tutorial is about adding Multiple Strokes in Adobe Illustrator.
You can add Multiple Strokes either to a text or to a shape. I am going to show you how you can add Multiple Strokes to a text.
Follow the steps given below:

Step 1

We will start by launching Adobe Illustrator and then we will create a new document. Now select the Type Tool from the Tool Panel and click on the artboard to activate the type box. Type your text and then increase its size and choose a suitable font type.
Multiple Strokes in Adobe Illustrator

Step 2

Now we will make the text an editable text by creating outlines and ungrouping it.
Select the text with the help of the Selection Tool and click on Type in the Menu Bar. Now click on Create Outlines.
Multiple Strokes in Adobe Illustrator
Now place the cursor on the selected text and click right on your mouse. Click on Ungroup to ungroup the letters.
It’s time to add color to the text. Go to Swatches Panel and fill color to the text. Choose a light color for the fill and a bright color for strokes.
Multiple Strokes in Adobe Illustrator

Step 3

Now we will add another layer of the stroke to the text.
Select the text and go to the Appearance Panel. You can open the Appearance Panel by clicking on Window in the Menu Bar and then selecting Appearance.
Multiple Strokes in Adobe Illustrator
In the Appearance Panel, at the bottom left you will see a square-shaped button which is for adding a new stroke layer. Click on Add New Stroke button and a new stroke layer will be added.
Multiple Strokes in Adobe Illustrator
Multiple Strokes in Adobe Illustrator
Now change the color of the new stroke by clicking on the drop-down button in the stroke layer. Choose a brighter color for the second layer of stroke and increase the stroke size.
Now select the new layer of stroke in the Appearance Panel and drag it below the first layer of stroke.
Multiple Strokes in Adobe Illustrator
If you want you can add more Multiple Layers of Stroke to your text in a similar way and enhance your text.
Multiple Strokes in Adobe Illustrator
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