Draw a Linear Spiral in Adobe Illustrator

Linear Spiral in Adobe Illustrator

There is an in-built Spiral Tool in Adobe Illustrator, with the help of which we can draw a spiral, but the width between the lines of the spiral is not constant. So you will learn to create a Linear Spiral in this adobe illustrator tutorial in which the width will be constant.
We will use the Polar Grid Tool, Selection Tool, and Direct Selection Tool for a perfect spiral.
Let’s begin with the illustrator tutorial.
Launch Adobe Illustrator and create a new document. Now, follow the below steps
Step 1
Click on the  Polar Grid Tool from the Tool Panel. You will find Polar Grid Tool under the Line Segment Tool.
Linear Spiral in Adobe Illustrator
After selecting the Polar Grid Tool, click on the artboard. Polar Grid Tool Options dialogue box will appear on the artboard.
In that dialogue box, enter the number of Concentric Dividers as 25 and Radial Dividers 0.
Linear Spiral in Adobe Illustrator
Click OK.
Step 2
Now Click the Direct Selection Tool from the Tool Panel and then select the upper half of the Polar Grid.
Linear Spiral in Adobe Illustrator
Press Ctrl + X to cut the selection and then press Shift + Ctrl + V to paste the deleted selection at the place.
Linear Spiral in Adobe Illustrator
Step 3
Then, drag the selected area slightly towards the right as shown in the below image.
After shifting it towards the right, you will get an archimedean spiral.
Linear Spiral in Adobe Illustrator
And next, we will go a step forward as we want to draw a spiral.
With the help of the Direct Selection Tool, select alternative lines starting from the center. After selecting the lines, delete them and you will get the shape of a Linear Spiral.
Linear Spiral in Adobe Illustrator
Using the Selection Tool select all the lines of the Spiral and press Ctrl + J to join the anchor points.
This is how you can create a Linear Spiral in Adobe Illustrator. You can also change the color of your perfect spiral.
Linear Spiral in Adobe Illustrator
Practice this perfect spiral illustrator tutorial and share your views in the comment section. Also, share this tutorial with others.
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