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Stage Light Effect in Adobe Illustrator

Stage Light Effect in Adobe Illustrator

We will make Stage Light Effect in Adobe Illustrator with the help of the Rectangle Tool, Ellipse Tool, Gradient Panel, and few other tools of Adobe Illustrator.
Stage Light Effect in Adobe Illustrator
Launch Adobe Illustrator and create a new document of size 841.89 pt X 595.28 pt with RGB color mode.
Step 1
Select the Rectangle Tool and draw a rectangle the same as the size of the artboard.

Select the rectangle drawn and turn off the strokes. Now double click on the Gradient Tool in the Tool Panel to open the Gradient Panel.
In Gradient Panel, select the white and black gradient to activate it. (See the image below)
Step 2
Now change the color in the Gradient Slider and change the Gradient Type to Radial.
Fill the Gradient Slider with #621e2dand #000019 color code.
Press Ctrl + 2 to lock the background layer.
Step 3
Now select the Ellipse Tool and draw an oval shape.
Now open the Gradient Panel and add two more colors #fff394& #fbb040 in the gradient slider.
Select the oval shape and place it on the artboard.
Now open the Transparency panel and change the blend mode to Screen and reduce the Opacity.
Step 4
Now select the oval shape and press (shortcut key) to select the Rotate Tool. Then click on the bottom anchor point of the oval shape to select it as a reference point.
Now press and hold the Alt key and make a duplicate copy of this shape by rotating it towards left.
light effect in illustrator
Similarly make few more duplicate copies.
light effect in illustrator
This is how you can create Stage Light Effect in Adobe Illustrator.
light effect in illustrator
Practice this tutorial and share your views in the comment section. Also, share this tutorial with others.
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