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Rough Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator

Rough Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator
Today we will create a new Typography Effect which is the Rough Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator. We will use the Type Tool and Symbol Sprayer Tool to create this text effect.
Rough Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator
You can use this Rough Text Effect while creating some cool posters. Let’s begin with the easy to create effect tutorial.
Step 1
Launch Adobe Illustrator and create a new document. Now select the Type Tool from the Tool Panel and click on the artboard. The typing cursor will get activated and then you can type your text.
Type the text with the help of the Type Tool
Be wise while selecting the font style.
Step 2
Now we will open the Symbol Panel.
Click on Window in the Menu Bar and select Symbols.
Select Symbol from the Menu Bar
After clicking on  Symbols, the Symbols Panel will appear on the artboard. In Symbols Panel, click on Symbol Libraries Menu to explore other pre-set symbols.
Open Symbol Libraries Menu
Step 3
In the Symbol Libraries Menu, click on Artistic Textures and select Charcoal.
Select Charcoal Symbol
Now select the Symbol Sprayer Tool from the Tool Panel and spray the Charcoal symbol all over the text.
Spray Charcoal Symbol over the text
Step 4
Let the sprayed Charcoal Symbol be selected and click on Object in the Menu Bar. Now select Expand and then click OK.
Expand the Charcoal Symbol
Expand the Charcoal Symbol
Again Expand the Charcoal Symbol. We will Expand the Charcoal Symbol two times.
Charcoal Symbol creates Rough Effect
Step 5
After expanding the symbols we will change the Fill color of the charcoal-like particle shape from Black to White and your Rough Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator is ready.
Rough Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator
So this is how you can create a text effect with the help of a pre-set symbol in Adobe Illustrator.
Practice this text effect and share your views in the comment section. Also, share this Illustrator tutorial with others.


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