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Career in Graphic Design


What is Graphic Design?

The term Graphic Design comprises of two words, Graphic, which can be a picture or text used to provide or communicate some information or message, and Design, which means to draw or create something, for instance, object, pattern, model, building, etc.
Career in Graphic Design
Graphic Designing is the art of creating or drawing visual designs to communicate the information or the message and to inspire the general public.
It is a form of visual interpretation of thoughts through colors, pictures, symbols, shapes, and text. Graphic Design is a process of giving life to your creative ideas and thoughts.

Uses of Graphic Design

Graphic Design can serve various uses but the most common uses are:
  • Logo Designing
  • Product Packaging Design
  • Brochures/Magazines/ Business cards
  • Poster Making
  • T-Shirt Designing
  • Invitation/Greeting Cards

Software Used for Graphic Design

There are various software/programs available for graphic designing. A few of them are:

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Indesign
Corel Draw
Adobe Dreamweaver
Most commonly and easy to use programs are Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop which can run on both Mac and Windows.
These are the best software for beginners as I had also begun my graphic designing by learning the use of illustrator and photoshop.

A Career in Graphic Design

In today’s technical world, Graphic Designing is emerging as a fast-growing career. We see graphic design everywhere in our day-to-day life.
The game we play, the product we buy or consume, the magazine we read, the advertisements we see, the web pages we visit, and so on, all have graphic designs.
So for art lovers with creative minds, a career in graphic design is the best option. As a graphic designer, one has a vast range of industries to work with. Even they have an option to work from home/ freelancing.
A graphic designer uses images and text to visually inform and inspire people about his ideas.
If you find this form of communicating your thoughts interesting and inspiring then you must opt for Graphic Designing as your career.
In the next chapter, you will gain basic knowledge of Adobe Illustrator.
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