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Striped 3D shape in Adobe Illustrator

In Adobe Illustrator, you can achieve eye-catching 3D striped shapes that add depth and dimension to your designs. By incorporating striped patterns into your shapes, you can create visually dynamic and engaging artwork.

Utilizing the 3D effect features in Illustrator allows you to transform simple shapes into impressive three-dimensional objects. By applying the 3D Extrude & Bevel effect, you can give your shapes a realistic appearance with shading, highlights, and contours. Adjusting parameters such as depth, angle, and perspective enables you to customize the 3D effect to suit your design needs.

When it comes to adding stripes to your 3D shapes, you can create the striped pattern using various techniques. Illustrator offers tools like the Pen Tool, Shape Builder Tool, or the Rectangle Tool combined with Pathfinder operations to construct the stripes. Applying gradient fills or patterns to the stripes can further enhance their visual impact.

The arrangement and orientation of the stripes can also be adjusted to achieve different effects. By rotating, scaling, or skewing the stripes, you can create unique and dynamic patterns that complement the shape’s form. Additionally, utilizing blending modes or opacity settings allows you to experiment with different levels of transparency or overlay effects.

Online resources, tutorials, and design communities can provide inspiration and guidance for creating captivating 3D striped shapes in Illustrator. These resources cover topics such as advanced 3D techniques, creating custom patterns, incorporating textures, and more.

Adobe Illustrator offers powerful tools and features to create stunning 3D striped shapes. By leveraging the 3D effect capabilities and exploring different stripe creation techniques, you can produce visually appealing and impactful designs. With creativity and experimentation, you can master the art of crafting impressive 3D striped shapes in Illustrator and bring depth and excitement to your artwork.

In the previous tutorial, I had taught you how to create a Doughnut with the help of a 3D effect, and today starting from the basic step of the previous tutorial I will show you how you can create a striped 3D shape in Adobe Illustrator.
Striped 3D Shape in Adobe Illustrator

Step 1

Create a new document and select the Rectangle Tool from the Tool Panel. Now start drawing vertical bars like rectangles.
Striped 3D Shape in Adobe Illustrator
Press Ctrl + A to select all the rectangles and then click on Window in the Menu Bar. Select Symbols to open the Symbols Panel. Now drag the selected rectangles into the Symbols Panel to add them as New Symbol.
Striped 3D Shape in Adobe Illustrator
When you will drag the selection into the Symbols Panel a plus sign will appear below the cursor. At that time release, the right-click and a Symbol Options box will appear.
Give your new symbol a name if you wish to and click OK. The rectangles will be added as symbols in the Symbols Panel.
Striped 3D Shape in Adobe Illustrator
Striped 3D Shape in Adobe Illustrator

Step 2

Now remove those rectangles from the artboard and create the base doughnut shape as taught in the previous tutorial. If you have not seen the previous tutorial then click on the below link-
After creating the shape, click on Map Art.
Striped 3D Shape in Adobe Illustrator
After clicking on Map Art, a Map Art dialogue box will appear. In that dialogue box, you will see an option of Symbol with the drop-down button. Click on that drop-down button and select the new symbol created.
In Preview you can see that the new symbol is placed on the shape but we want it all over the shape. So for that click on Scale to Fit and put a check-mark on Invisible Geometry. After that, click on OK. (See in the below Image)
Striped 3D Shape in Adobe Illustrator

Step 3

Now select the shape and click on Object in the Menu Bar and then select Expand Appearance.
Striped 3D Shape in Adobe Illustrator
Left-click on the selected shape and click on Ungroup. Repeat this as many times as Ungroup is highlighted.
Striped 3D Shape in Adobe Illustrator
After Ungrouping, left-click and select Release Clipping Mask.
Striped 3D Shape in Adobe Illustrator

Step 4

Now delete all the extra shapes from the back and the blue paths highlighted to obtain the shape as shown in the below image.
Striped 3D Shape in Adobe Illustrator
After obtaining the required striped 3D shape, select it and go to the Pathfinder Panel and click on Unite.
After clicking on Unite, if the gaps in your shape get filled and you obtain a circle instead of strips then it means there are still some paths in the shape which are needed to be deleted.
Delete those paths and then again click on Unite.
Now fill color in the striped 3D shape with Gradient Tool.
Striped 3D Shape in Adobe Illustrator
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