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Illusion Effect in Adobe Illustrator

Illusion Effect in Adobe Illustrator
Today’s tutorial is a step ahead of the previous tutorial. In the previous tutorial, we had created Layer Artwork and in today’s tutorial, we will create an Illusion Effect in Adobe Illustrator ? with the help of the Layer Artwork.
If you have not viewed the previous tutorial on How to Create Paper Cut Out  Layer Artwork then click on the link.
Illusion Effect in Adobe Illustrator
Step 1
Launch Adobe Illustrator and create a new document. Now draw a shape and create layers in the same way as we had created in the previous tutorial. (The link of the previous tutorial as mentioned above)
Draw Circles
The layers are creating the Illusion Effect but we can do more with these layers to increase the effect of Illusion.
Step 2
Now select the second innermost layer and click on Object in the Menu Bar. Place the cursor on Transform and select Rotate.
Select Rotate
A dialogue box will appear on clicking on Rotate. Set the angle of rotation and click OK.
Illusion Effect in Adobe Illustrator
Similarly, rotate the other layers but remember the angle rotation will be increasing in each layer.
For instance, if you have set the angle of rotation for the second innermost layers at the value of 10o then the angle of rotation for the third innermost layers will be more than 10o and the angle of rotation will keep on increasing so on.
Step 3
After rotating each layer, the shape will look like this-
Illusion Effect in Adobe Illustrator
If you want you can add color to your Illusion Effect.
Fill the color from brighter to lighter shade.
Illusion Effect in Adobe Illustrator
Look at the center point (the innermost layer) for few seconds without moving your eyelids. You will feel like the outer layers are revolving.
Enjoy this Illusion Effect and try to create your own.
Share your views in the comment section and also share this tutorial with others.



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