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Save Swatches in Adobe Illustrator

Swatches in Adobe Illustrator

In the previous tutorial you had learned to save a new Gradient permanently in Adobe Illustrator, which is quite helpful as you need not have to create the same gradient again for another artwork, and today you will learn to save a new Swatch.
Before learning this first create a shape and fill it with a color that is not available in the Swatches Panel. You can choose the color from Color Picker Window or from the Color Guide Panel.
If you have created a shape and filled it with a new color, which is not pre-defined in Swatches Panel, then follow the below process to save your new color swatch.
Saving a New Swatch:
Select the shape filled with a new color and click on the New Swatch icon. You will find this icon in the Swatches Panel next to the New Color Group icon. I have shown in the below image the New Swatch icon.
Swatches in Adobe Illustrator
New Swatch Window will appear at the time when you will click on the New Swatch icon in the Swatches Panel. In that window, you will see Swatch Name, Color Type, Color Mode, and other options. If required you can make changes and then click on OK.
Swatches in Adobe Illustrator
After clicking on OK your New Swatch will appear in the Swatches Panel but only on that current document not in the Swatches Panel of the new document because it is not permanently saved.
Swatches in Adobe Illustrator
To save the new swatch permanently, click on Swatch Libraries Menu and then click on Save Swatches. Save As window will appear and you can rename the swatch and then click on Save.
Swatches in Adobe Illustrator
Now your new swatch is permanently saved. When you will open a new document you will not see this swatch in the swatch panel but you can open it from Swatches Libraries Menu by clicking on User Defined.
Now give it a try and save your new swatches so that you need not have to create them again and again or waste your time in the color picker to get the exact shade.
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