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Transparent Clothes in Photoshop

Transparent Clothes Effect in Photoshop

In today’s tutorial, we will make the Transparent Clothes Effect in Photoshop. The Transparent Clothes Effect is easy to create in Photoshop. It is an interesting creative effect to be created.

Transparent Clothes Effect in Photoshop

To create the Transparent Clothes Effect, we will require two images. One image will be the background and another of a model wearing a plain t-shirt.

We will use the Selection Tool, Layer Mask, Blending Mode, Brush Tool and Adjustment Layer to create the Transparent Cloth Effect in Photoshop.

Now follow the below-mentioned steps to create the Photoshop Effect

Step 1

Launch Adobe Photoshop and open the image which you want to use as the background image.

Open the background image
Step 2

Go to File > Place Embedded and browse the t-shirt image from your computer files. Click on Place to place the image in Photoshop. You can transform the size of the image by pressing Ctrl + T (Free Transform).

Select Place Embedded
Place the image
Step 3

Let the model image layer be selected. Now we want to remove the background of the model image. So, select any Selection Tool from the Tool Panel and select the background of the model image.

Select the background with the help of the Selection Tool

Go to Layer > Layer Mask > Hide Selection. This will add a Layer Mask to the model image layer and will hide the selected background.

Add a Layer Mask
Transparent Clothes in Photoshop
Step 4

Now select the image thumbnail of the model image layer. Then with the help of the Selection Tool, select the t-shirt of the model.

Select the image thumbnail
Select the T-shirt

Now select the Layer Mask thumbnail and then select the Brush Tool from the Tool Panel. Make sure the Foreground Color is Black. With the Left-click, move the cursor on the t-shirt area to remove it.

Select the Layer Mask Thumbnail
Transparent Clothes In Photoshop
Step 5

Again select the model image thumbnail and press Ctrl + J to duplicate the t-shirt in new layer.

Create a duplicate layer

Go to Image > Adjustments > Desaturate. Then change the Blending Mode of the t-shirt layer to Overlay.

Change the Blending Mode
Step 6

Turn off the visibility of the t-shirt layer and select the Layer Mask thumbnail of the model image layer. Zoom in to the image and you will see a thin outer line of the t-shirt. Select the Brush Tool and remove that thin outer line.

Select the Layer Mask Thumbnail
Select the Brush Tool
Transparent Cloth in Photoshop
Step 7

Turn on the visibility of the t-shirt layer and select the layer. Go to Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Levels. A dialogue box will appear. In that dialogue box, put checkmark on Use Previous Layer to Create Clipping Mask and click Ok to create a Level Layer.

Select Levels
Levels Dialogue Box

In the Properties Panel, set the Shadows, Mid-tones, and Highlights of the t-shirt as per your image.

Transparent Cloth Effect

To create a more realistic Transparent Clothes Effect and to enhance the transparent t-shirt look, we will create a duplicate copy of the T-shirt layer. Select the T-shirt layer and press Ctrl + J.

Create a duplicate copy
Transparent Cloth Effect

So, this is how you can create Transparent Clothes in Photoshop. Practice this Photoshop Effect and create your own Transparent Cloth effect in Photoshop.

Also, share this Photoshop Tutorial with others and share your views in the comment section.

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