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3D Pop-Out Mobile Photo Effect in Photoshop

3D Pop Out Effect in Photoshop

The 3D pop-out effect in Photoshop allows you to bring depth and dimension to your images, creating an eye-catching and immersive visual experience. By using various tools and techniques, you can make elements appear to jump out of the image, giving them a lifelike and three-dimensional quality.

With Photoshop’s powerful editing capabilities, you can achieve the 3D pop-out effect by manipulating layers, applying perspective transformations, and adjusting shadows and highlights. By carefully positioning and scaling elements within the image, you can create the illusion of objects protruding from the background, creating a sense of depth.

The pop-out effect is often achieved by combining the right balance of lighting, shadows, and perspective. By adding shadows to the elements that pop out, you can create a realistic sense of depth and make them visually distinct from the background. Photoshop’s layer styles, blending modes, and adjustment layers offer a wide range of options for controlling the lighting and shadows in your composition.

Color and contrast also play a significant role in enhancing the pop-out effect. By using vibrant colors and strong contrasts between the foreground and background elements, you can make the popped-out objects stand out even more. Photoshop’s color adjustment tools and selective editing capabilities allow you to fine-tune the color and contrast to achieve the desired impact.

To further enhance the 3D pop-out effect, consider using additional techniques such as depth-of-field effects or adding motion blur to the background elements. These techniques help create a sense of focus on the popped-out objects and enhance the overall illusion of depth.

Exploring tutorials, online resources, and the Photoshop community can provide you with additional inspiration and techniques for creating 3D pop-out effects. These resources can offer insights into specific styles, additional effects, and creative ways to incorporate the pop-out effect into your designs.

Photoshop offers powerful tools and techniques to create stunning 3D pop-out effects. By manipulating layers, adjusting lighting and shadows, and carefully considering color and contrast, you can bring depth and dimension to your images, making elements appear to pop out and creating a captivating visual experience. With practice and experimentation, you can develop your own style and create unique 3D pop-out effects that grab the viewer’s attention.

Today’s tutorial is about creating a 3D Pop-Out Mobile Photo Effect in Photoshop. This 3D Pop-Out Effect might seem difficult, but it requires a few tricks to make it simple to create. This effect creates an illusion of an object popping out of the mobile screen.

3D Pop Out Mobile Photo Effect in Photoshop

We will use 2 images, a Layer Mask, Brush Tool, and a few adjustment layers. Now follow the below-mentioned step-by-step process to create a 3D Pop-Out Mobile Photo Effect in Photoshop.

Step 1

Launch Adobe Photoshop and open a mobile image as a new document.

Open a mobile image

Press Ctrl + J to create a duplicate copy of the Background Layer.

Step 2

Now I want to remove the screen part of the mobile. So, I will use the Quick Selection Tool to select the screen, and then I will use the Layer Mask to remove that part.

Select the Quick Selection Tool from the Tool Panel. If required, set the size of the brush and drag the cursor over the screen area to select it.

Make selection using the Quick Selection Tool

After making the selection, turn off the visibility of the Background Layer, and then click on the Layer Mask icon in the Layers Panel.

Layer mask

Step 3

Go to File > Place Embedded then browse the model image from the computer files and click on Place.

Select Place Embedded
Place an image to create 3D pop out effect

Reduce the opacity of the model image so that you can see the below image and set the model image according to the size of the mobile screen.

After reducing the size of the image and placing it properly, click on the tick mark in the options bar.

3D Pop Out Mobile Photo Effect

Step 4

Now increase the opacity of the model image layer and drag it below the layer mask layer.

Step 5

Select the Layer Mask layer and reduce its opacity.

Now click on the Layer Mask thumbnail to activate it. Then select the Brush Tool from the Tool Panel. Make sure the Foreground color is Black.

3D Pop out Mobile Effect

With the help of the Brush Tool, I will unhide some parts of the model image, which are set out of the mobile screen area, to create a 3D Pop-Out Mobile Photo Effect in Photoshop.

To unhide the shoe of the model, I will drag the cursor over that part. (See the below image)

3D Pop out Effect

Similarly, I will unhide the hands also. I have placed the model image inside the mobile screen in such a manner that the leg and the hands of the model are not covered inside the mobile screen area.

Step 6

I have also applied few adjustments layers to set the brightness & contrast and levels of the two images. This step is completely optional.

3D Pop Out Mobile Photo Effect

So this is how you can create a 3D Pop-Out Mobile Photo Effect in Photoshop.

Practice this Photoshop Tutorial and share your views in the comment section. Also, share this tutorial with others.


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