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Low Poly Portrait in Adobe Illustrator

Low Poly Portrait in Adobe Illustrator

In today’s tutorial, you will learn to create Low Poly Portrait in Adobe Illustrator. Once you get familiar with the process you will enjoy creating such artwork in Adobe Illustrator.
Low Poly Portrait in Adobe Illustrator
I will explain the process of creating the Low-poly Portrait in short here and the detailed process can be viewed in the video.

Step 1

Launch Adobe Illustrator and create a new document. Now place the image on the artboard of which you want to create the Low Poly Portrait. Click on File in the Menu Bar and then select Place. Browse the image and place it on the artboard.
Browse the Image
Place the image

Step 2

Now select the Pen Tool and a stroke color which will be visible on the image. if you want you can also increase the stroke size. With the help of Pen Tool, draw the outline on the image first and then start drawing triangles.
While creating outlines, draw straight lines. No need to give them a curve or perfect shape.
Draw an outline
In Low Poly Portrait, always draw small triangles for detailing. Start creating your Low Poly Portrait by drawing small triangles on the eye area and then draw big triangles.

Step 3

After drawing all the triangles, select all of them and go to the Pathfinder Panel. In Pathfinder Panel, click on Divide and then Ungroup all the shapes.

Step 4

With the help of the Layer Panel and Eye Dropper Tool, we will fill color in our Low Poly Portrait.
This was a short description of the process. If you want a detailed tutorial on Low Poly Portrait then write it in the comment section and we will post a new tutorial.
Practice this Low Poly Portrait Tutorial and share your views in the comment section. Also, share this tutorial with others.


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