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Paper Cut-Out Text Effect

Paper Cut-Out Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator

The paper cut effect is a visually intriguing technique that adds depth and dimension to your designs, mimicking the appearance of intricate cut paper art. With Adobe Illustrator, you have the tools and features to create stunning paper cutout effects. In this article, we will explore keywords such as paper cut effect, paper cutout effect Illustrator, Illustrator paper cut out effect, paper cutout effect Illustrator, paper cut out effect Illustrator, paper cut out Illustrator, and paper cut out effect Illustrator tutorial. By incorporating these techniques, you can infuse your designs with a unique and artistic touch.

The paper cut effect in Illustrator allows you to simulate the look and feel of intricately cut paper shapes. By utilizing the pen tool or other shape tools in Illustrator, you can create precise and detailed cutout shapes that mimic the appearance of paper cutouts.

Applying color and texture to your paper cutout shapes can further enhance the effect. By utilizing gradient fills, patterns, or textured overlays, you can add depth and visual interest to the cutout shapes, making them appear more realistic and tactile.

To achieve a more layered and three-dimensional look, consider adding shadow and lighting effects to your paper cutout designs. By utilizing the blend tool, transparency settings, or layer styles such as drop shadow or inner glow, you can create the illusion of depth and bring your paper cutouts to life.

When creating a paper cut effect in Illustrator, it’s important to consider the overall composition and balance of your design. The arrangement and placement of the cutout shapes can greatly influence the impact and visual appeal. Experimenting with different arrangements and layering techniques can help you achieve the desired artistic depth and complexity.

Illustrator offers a range of additional features and tools that can complement the paper cutout effect. By incorporating other design elements such as textures, illustrations, or typography, you can create unique and visually engaging compositions that integrate seamlessly with the paper cutout style.

In conclusion, Adobe Illustrator provides a versatile platform to explore and create stunning paper cutout effects. By utilizing the pen tool, color, texture, lighting effects, and composition techniques, you can bring a unique artistic depth to your designs. Let your creativity unfold as you experiment with different shapes, colors, and arrangements, and transform your designs into captivating paper cutout masterpieces using Illustrator.

We will create a Paper Cut-Out Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator with the help of Rectangle Tool and Pathfinder Tool. We will also use the Drop Shadow Effect.
Paper Cut-Out Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator

Step 1

We will first create the Paper Cut-Out background which will be filled in the text. So start by launching Adobe Illustrator and create a new document. Now select the Rectangle Tool and draw a rectangle on the artboard. I have filled the rectangle with color code #d87881.
Draw a rectangle
Now copy this rectangle by pressing Ctrl + C and paste it in front by pressing Ctrl + F. Fill this new rectangle with a different color. (Color code #6dd47e)
create a copy of rectangle above it and fill with different color
Now select the Pencil Tool from the Tool Panel and draw a random shape on the rectangle.
draw a random shape

Step 2

Select the random shape drawn and the top rectangle and go to the Pathfinder Panel. In the Pathfinder Panel, click on Divide and then Ungroup the selection.
Click on Divide in the Pathfinder Panel
Ungroup the selection
After ungrouping the selection, delete the random shape created.
Delete the random shape to create a paper cut-out effect

Step 3

Now select the top layer of the rectangle and click on Effect in the Menu Bar. Place the cursor on Stylize and select Drop Shadow.
select drop shadow
Drop Shadow dialogue box will appear on the artboard. In that dialogue box make the required changes and then click OK.
Apply Drop Shadow Effect

Step 4

Now in a similar way make a few more layers of the rectangle and create a Paper Cut-Out Effect.
Create Paper Cut-Out Effect
Now select the Type Tool and type your text. Place it over the layers created then press Ctrl + A to select all the artwork. Then click on the Make Clipping Mask button in the Properties Panel.
Paper Cut-Out Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator
And the Paper Cut-Out Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator is ready.
Practice this tutorial. You can use different colors for the layers and create your Paper Cut-Out Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator.
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