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Sliced Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator

Sliced Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator

The Slice Tool in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop is a powerful feature that allows designers to divide their artwork into smaller sections, providing greater control and flexibility in editing, exporting, and creating visually captivating designs. In Adobe Illustrator, the Slice Tool is primarily used to separate artwork or text into individual slices, making it easier to manipulate and apply different effects or export settings to each slice independently. By utilizing the Slice Tool, designers can efficiently divide their artwork into specific sections, enhancing their workflow and enabling targeted modifications.

In Adobe Illustrator, the Slice Tool is commonly used to slice both general artwork and text. When it comes to general artwork, designers can click and drag on the canvas, creating rectangular or irregularly shaped slices. These slices act as separate entities, allowing for individual customization, such as applying different effects, adjusting export settings, or defining interactive behaviors. By manipulating the position, size, and appearance of each slice, designers can achieve precise and tailored results.

Slicing text in Adobe Illustrator can also yield captivating design effects. By using the Slice Tool, designers can convert text into individual slices, unlocking a range of creative possibilities. Each text slice can be modified independently, enabling designers to experiment with various transformations, such as rotation, scaling, or applying unique effects to specific parts of the text. This technique opens up avenues for creating eye-catching sliced text designs that stand out and convey a sense of dynamic energy.

While sliced text effects are commonly associated with Adobe Photoshop, where designers can leverage layer styles, filters, and blending options, Adobe Illustrator offers its own capabilities for creating sliced text designs. By using the Slice Tool in Adobe Illustrator and applying creative layer styles or effects to each individual text slice, designers can achieve similar captivating effects directly within the vector-based environment of Illustrator. This allows for seamless integration with other vector elements in the artwork and provides greater control over the final design outcome.

In conclusion, the Slice Tool in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop is a valuable asset for designers seeking to enhance their artwork and create visually appealing designs. Whether it’s dividing general artwork into smaller sections or creating sliced text effects, the Slice Tool offers flexibility, control, and the ability to achieve precise results. By utilizing this tool, designers can streamline their workflow, make targeted modifications, and explore unique design possibilities. So whether you’re working with artwork or text, consider incorporating the Slice Tool into your design process to unlock its potential and elevate your creative projects to new heights.

Sliced Text or you may say Cut Text Effect is a cool text effect. It helps in creating a graphic effect. You can cut text into half or into several pieces. It’s all depends upon your creative mind how you want to create a cut text effect.
Sliced Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator
If you want you can even cut letters separately with various cuts.
In today’s tutorial, you will learn to create a Sliced Text Effect. You will slice your text with the help of a line and pathfinder panel.
Follow the following steps to learn this effect-

Step 1: Type a Text

To slice a text the most essential thing you need is a TEXT. So select the Type Tool and type your word.
Sliced Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator
You can change the font style and size and even the color of the text.
Sliced Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator

Step 2: Create Outline

After changing the color and font style of the text, select the text with the help of the Selection Tool. Now right click on the selection and select Create Outlines.
Sliced Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator

Step 3: Draw Lines

After creating outlines, draw lines on the text in the manner in which you want to cut the text. You can draw lines with the help of Pen Tool or Line Segment Tool. The number of lines depends upon how many parts you want to cut your text.
Sliced Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator

Step 4: Slicing the Text

Select the lines created and hit Ctrl + C to copy the lines. Let the lines be selected and press shift and select the text. Now go to the Pathfinder Panel and click on Divide.
Sliced Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator
The selection will get divided then click on the Ungroup button to ungroup them.
Press Shift + Ctrl + V to paste the copied lines on Place. (NOT COMPULSORY)
Now your text is cut into parts and you can select each part individually and drag then slightly away.
Sliced Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator

Practice Time

Type your text, choose a font style, and slice it in different ways and create your own Sliced Text Effect.
Share your feedback in the comment section and share this tutorial with others and stay connected with for more tutorials.


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