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Text Over Image Effect in Photoshop

Create Text Over Image Effect in Photoshop

Working with text and images in Photoshop offers a myriad of creative possibilities to enhance your designs. Whether you want to extract text from an image, overlay text onto an image, or edit the text within an image, Photoshop provides a range of tools and techniques to achieve your desired effects.

Overlaying text onto an image is a common design technique that can be achieved in Photoshop. By creating a new text layer, you can type in your desired text and customize it using various font options, sizes, colors, and styles. You can position and resize the text layer to fit seamlessly within your image composition. Additionally, Photoshop offers blending modes and layer styles that allow you to blend the text with the underlying image for a cohesive look.

To edit text within an image, Photoshop offers a range of tools and features. You can use the Type Tool to select and modify the existing text. This allows you to change the font, size, color, and other formatting options to match your desired style. Additionally, Photoshop provides retouching tools, such as the Spot Healing Brush or Clone Stamp Tool, which can be used to remove or replace unwanted text in an image.

For beginners, this step-by-step tutorials with images can be immensely helpful in learning and mastering Photoshop techniques. These tutorial guide you through the process, providing detailed instructions and visual references at each step.

Photoshop offers a wide range of tools and techniques for working with text and images. Whether you want to extract text, overlay text, incorporate images within text, or edit text within an image, Photoshop provides the necessary features and functionalities to achieve your desired effects. By combining selection tools, text layers, blending modes, and retouching tools, you can create visually stunning compositions that seamlessly integrate text and images. So, explore the possibilities, follow step-by-step tutorials, and unleash your creativity in manipulating text and images in Photoshop.

In this tutorial, you will learn to create the Text Over Image Effect in Photoshop. This Photoshop Text Effect is easy to make. You can use this text effect while designing an Album Cover, Poster, or Magazine Cover Page.

We will use the Selection Tool, Type Tool, and Photoshop Effects to create this Text Over Image Effect.

Text Over Image Effect

Launch Adobe Photoshop and start with the tutorial by following the below-mentioned steps-

Step 1

Open an Image in Photoshop in which you want to create the text effect.

Open the image

Step 2

Select any Selection Tool from the Tool Panel. I have used the Quick Selection Tool. Using the Selection Tool, select the subject.

Make a selection

Press Ctrl + J to make a duplicate copy of the selection in a new layer.

Create a duplicate copy

Step 3

Now select the Type Tool and type your text. You can change the Font Color and Style of the text.

Type the text

After typing the text, drag and place the Text Layer below the Subject Layer in the Layers Panel.

Reorder the layer

Step 4

Select the Subject layer (Top Layer) in the Layers Panel and press Alt + Ctrl + G to create a Clipping Mask.

Create Clipping Mask

Step 5

Now select the Text Layer in the Layers Panel. Go to Layer > Layer Style > Stroke. In the Stroke Layer Style dialogue box, select the Stroke Color similar to the text color. Under Structure, set the size and position of the stroke.

Select Stroke Layer Style
Stroke Layer Style
Text Over Image Effect in Photoshop

So, this is how you can make Text Over Image Effect in Photoshop. Practice this Photoshop Text Effect Tutorial and create your stunning Text Effect.

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