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Zipper Face in Photoshop

Zipper Face Effect Photo Manipulation

In today’s Photo Manipulation Photoshop Tutorial, we will make a Zipper Face. To make a Zipper Face in Photoshop, I will use the main image, a zipper image, a skull image, an image of meat, and a few tools and effects of Photoshop. You can download these images from different stock image websites.

You can also create a new effect of your own by using other images.

Zipper Face in Photoshop

Let’s begin with the Zipper Face in Photoshop tutorial.

Step 1

Launch Adobe Photoshop and open the main image as a new document.

Open image for editing

The image will open as a background layer in the Layers Panel. You can create a copy of the layer and turn off the visibility of the background layer.

Step 2

Now I will open the skull image and place it below the main image and above the background layer.

Click on File and select Place Embedded. Then browse the image and place it in the document. Adjust the size of the skull image similar to the size of the face of the model. Reducing the opacity of the model image will help you in adjusting the size of the images accurately.

Open the skull image
Reorder the layers
Adjust the images

Step 3

Next, I have placed the zipper image on the face of the model. I have edited the image using the Quick Selection Tool and Layer Mask.

Place Zipper image

To make the Zip look more realistic, I have applied Bevel & Emboss effect to it. Select Zipper layer and click on Add New Layer Style in the Layers Panel. Then select Bevel & Emboss from the option list. A layer-style dialogue box will appear. By altering the settings in that dialogue box and clicking OK, you can apply the Bevel & Emboss layer style to the layer.

Select Add new layer style icon
Select Bevel and Emboss
Apply Bevel and Emboss

Now click on Drop Shadow, to apply this layer style to the zip image.

Apply Drop Shadow
Zipper Face in Photoshop

Step 4

Select the main image layer (Layer 1) in the Layers Panel and click on the Layer Mask icon. Then select the Lasso Tool from the Tool Panel. With the help of the tool, make a selection of the face of the model, which is inside the zipper area.

After making the selection, select the Brush Tool from the Tool Panel. Also, select Black as the Foreground Color. Now move the cursor inside the selection to hide the face and reveal the skull layer beneath it.

Create a Layer Mask

Step 5

As you can see, the background of the skull image is not similar to the background of the main image. So, I will create a Layer Mask in the skull image layer also. This will help in removing the background of the skull image.

Create a Layer Mask for Skull image

A transparent background is not what we want for our Zipper Face in Photoshop. To cover up this blank, we will create a Solid Color Fill Layer. Select the background layer, whose visibility is turned off, and click on Create New Fill or Adjustment Layer icon in the Layers Panel. Then select Solid Color and create a color fill of black color.

Select Solid Color
Create Solid Color Fill Layer

Step 6

Now select the skull image layer and click on Add Layer Style icon. I have applied Inner Shadow, Color Overlay, and Gradient Overlay effect to this layer.

Zipper Face in Photoshop

Step 7

We will give the last touch to our Zipper Face Effect in this step. We will place an image of meat in this step. Go to File and select Place Embedded. Then browse the image and select Place.

This image layer will be placed between the main image layer and the skull image layer in the Layers Panel.

Zipper Face in Photoshop

After placing the image, set the Blending Mode of this layer to Overlay.

Zipper Face in Photoshop

So, this is how you can make this scary and creepy Zipper Face in Photoshop.

Zipper Face in Photoshop

Practice this Zipper Face Photo Manipulation Photoshop Tutorial and share your views in the comment section.

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