Drop Shadow Effect in Adobe Illustrator

Drop Shadow Effect in Adobe Illustrator

You can add/drop a shadow to your artwork with the help of Drop Shadow Effect inbuilt in Adobe Illustrator. It is a kind of live effect for your artwork. This effect is present in Stylize under Effect.

Drop Shadow Effect in Adobe Illustrator

It’s easy to just select and apply this effect but to create a good effect one must know the proper use of the settings present in the dialogue box of Drop Shadow.

Follow the below steps to learn about the Drop Shadow Effect

Step 1

Launch Adobe Illustrator and create a new document. Now draw something or copy any object from your previously created artwork. I have created my own artwork and I will show you how the Drop Shadow Effectis applied on this artwork.

Drop Shadow Effect in Adobe Illustrator

Step 2

After creating your artwork select the artwork in which you want to apply the drop shadow effect. Now click on Effect in the Menu Bar and place the cursor on Stylizeand select Drop Shadow.

Drop Shadow Effect in Adobe Illustrator

Step 3

When you will select Drop Shadow, a Drop Shadow dialogue box will appear. In that dialogue box you will see different modes of shadow. By default, Multiply mode will be selected. Before making any changes in the settings always put a checkmark on Preview.

Drop Shadow Effect in Adobe Illustrator

In the above image you can see the preview of the effect. The shadow is close to the artwork but I want the shadow to be dropped away from the artwork. For that we have to increase the points of X Offset.

By default, X Offsetis 7 pt and I have increased it to 65 pt. Now see the difference in the below image.

Drop Shadow Effect in Adobe Illustrator

Step 4

The X Offsethelps in determining the distance of the shadow from the object and the Y Offset helps in shifting the shadow upwards or downwards.

In the below image you can see I have increased the Y Offset from 7 pt to 25 pt and the shadow has been shifted downwards.

Drop Shadow Effect in Adobe Illustrator

In similar way you can increase or decrease the Blur point and even change the Color of your shadow. After making required changes in the settings click OK to apply the Drop Shadow Effect.

Practice Time

Now practice the Drop Shadow Effect by making changes in the X Offset and Y Offset and notice where the shadow is dropped. Also try to change color of the shadow.

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